(Content warning: Vague body horror, "people getting ripped apart by monsters" type violence, sex scene described fairly loosely) (Fullscreen recommended on desktop in case the two scroll bars is annoying)

This is a homage to Devilman in general, the Devil Lady anime specifically, and its take on the character of Asuka Ran even more specifically. It's a process of me rotating all the fucked-up stuff it's fun to imagine evil women doing to me in the realm of fantasy. It's...sort of like a rewrite of the general shape of Devil Lady? But only when I felt like it? And a random grab-bag of ideas from "the rest of Devilman"? To be honest, it's really one of those "I made this for me, but if anyone else ever happens to read it that's cool" things.

It's also the most bare-bones zero-formatting, zero bells and whistles Twine project you've ever seen, because I really just wanted to put my words directly on the screen but let you make some choices.


Note that doesn't spoil anything but makes more sense after you've played the game:

In visual novels and the like with multiple endings, there's usually a "true ending", right? I haven't labelled any of these as such; the whole point of the medium is that you can follow the story down different paths. But if I had to choose...you might not be surprised to hear the "Devil" ending is what I'd call a 'true ending', since it has the metaphysical endgame fully laid out. But I'd actually call the "Pet" ending a 'true end' as well. They're like two sides of a coin; my personal attempt to go all out depicting the two sides of the appeal of the fantasy that's the core of this project--the spicy, combative impulse, and the submissive, masochistic one.



Written and "programmed" (lmao) by: Me

Engine: Twine 2

Devilman created by: Legendary horny man Go Nagai

AuthorCatia RX
Made withTwine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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